commission website!

first off: you are all totally amazing for reblogging my post and for commissioning me, i love you all so much. thank you <3

second: i decided in order to keep everything crisp, clear and out in the open to make a commission website so that people can know their status on their commission. i will mark if you have paid, what you ordered and where you are on the list.

this way i will know what i have to do, eliminating mistakes and also knowing exactly what it was that people ordered and if they paid or not. this way, if i skip you, or forget you, or whatever, well…i really can’t! it is all right there, and everyone can see it so it’s sort of like a mini-contract i guess!

so, the link is also at the top of this blog! feel free to always check up on your piece! there is also a mini sfw ONLY gallery of finished commissions so you can find yours if you ever lose it c:

third: anon, i am deleting your messages because they are long and look odd on my new layout, but i am not doing it to hide our conversation. please email me/note me/or whatever so we can work this out if you want to. thank you.

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